Tania in our community

Six million Australians volunteer their time each year. dmca Advisory is a big supporter of businesses showing responsibility to the community and helping out. We also encourage our staff to get involved during key events like National Volunteer Week.

Last month Tania Tonkin toured the facilities at a women’s refuge run by St Vincent’s and stayed to help cook breakfast for the residents. Tania says growing levels of homelessness and disadvantage are a concern, especially as the numbers of older women facing poverty and a life on the streets are increasing. “This is a very real issue in our own backyard, and it’s so important to get out there and support the local charities on the frontline helping families who have faced domestic violence and homelessness.”

This month Tania along with Chris are participating in the CEO Sleepout so if you wish to help them out with this worthy cause and be able to claim a tax deduction in the process click here.

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